"bob the lizard"

bob the lizard


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What Bob Teaches our Children!

Posted by taawe on April 30, 2009 at 3:06 PM Comments comments (0)

Bob the Lizard teaches our children that they are special in everyway!. Our Children are easily influenced by what they see and hear around them and absorb everything like little sponges!. Not only do Children learn basic colors in the book, but there is a Strong Moral story for all Children to learn.

Bob feels he is just a regular Lizard with a regular name, He finds on his Journey that he is more than ordinary! He is one of a kind! just like our Children. Through Symbolisms in the book, our children learn the message Bob is sending them. The fact that he can change colors represent the personality a child has and the purity in a childs heart that brings out the best in Adults. This Childrens Book comes from Bedtime stories i have told my children and they love the fact that "Bob" has come to life in a book for all children to love and to share. This Book is short for parents with short schedules! and our children learn to be themselves and not try to be something they are not.